‘The lawn is pressed by unseen feet,

And ghosts return

Gently at twilight, gently go at dawn.

The sad intangible, who grieve and yearn…

‘T. S. Elliot

And Those Ghosts Return?

Deep within the confines of a cluttered atelier, nestled among the groaning shelves of old paint, baskets of clay, pots of glue, and other strange implements, and although contemplated by stuffed corvids and a tattered skull – a restless spirit awaits.

From the most haunted city within an ancient isle – an ineluctable curiosity begins to stir... ‘

My Lady Brigante?

‘The Truth is Rarely Pure and Never Simple.’

~ Oscar Wilde

The Lady Brigante most cordially invites curious minds and those of a discerning spirit to cross the threshold and step inside a twilight world rife with mysterious happenstance and feats of every egregious kind.

As each tale will unfurl a precious truth – a pseudonym, nom de plume or ananym will most certainly be employed within the pages of this site to protect those folk who enjoy something of a rather dubious reputation.

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